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The Avallano platform is built to provide the two most important elements of patient engagement: privacy and personalization. Our patented approach to data management and security gives you the tools to get patients excited and educated in ways that resonate directly with them without ever exposing their identity.



We build applications for you so that you can reach patients and keep them engaged quickly, cost-effectively, and safely



With the portal that we provide your organization, you're able to manage your patients experience and tailor what they see to ensure that they are educated, excited, and engaged



Get unmatched levels of insight into research recruitment progress, protocol feasibility, and the preferences and behaviors of patient populations

Join the Healthcare Revolution

Our innovative platform is the solution to the outdated and cumbersome systems that have been holding back medical advancements. Designed with both retail customer engagement and healthcare patient centricity in mind, our platform is both user-friendly and effective. Our patented technology simplifies healthcare app development while ensuring privacy and compliance are top priorities.

Our cloud services and data lakehouse take the complexity out of big data, AI, security, regulation, and integration, allowing you to focus on improving patient outcomes. We leverage advanced technologies, such as ChatGPT and AI, to simplify natural language patient interactions and medical record processing, streamlining the recruitment process and enhancing patient engagement.

With blockchain technology, we ensure that patient data is secure and tamper-proof, using ledger chain-of-custody data exchanges with patients. This means you can easily produce apps, engage patients across trial phases, and integrate with existing systems while avoiding data loss and increasing security and compliance.

Contact us today to learn more about how our platform can help your CRO or Site Organization achieve its goals. Our team is ready to assist you and ensure a seamless transition to our platform.


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