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Patients Deserve Better

Are you curious about taking part in a clinical trial? Clinical trials are important research studies that help to determine if new treatments, medications, or medical devices are safe and effective. By participating in a clinical trial, you can make a difference in the development of new treatments and contribute to advancing medical knowledge.

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Dignity over Data

At Avallano, we believe that every patient deserves to be informed, engaged, and empowered when it comes to their health. That's why we've created a platform that makes it easier for you to learn about clinical trial opportunities and participate in research studies that are relevant to you.

When you're using the Avallano app, you can store and control your personal health information in a secure and transparent manner. Our patented technology ensures that you have complete control over your data, including the ability to grant and revoke access to specific pieces of information as needed. You can also receive updates about clinical trial opportunities and easily communicate with the research team.


By using the Avallano app, you'll have the chance to learn more about clinical trials, access important health information, and stay connected with the research team. You'll also be able to see how your participation can help advance medical knowledge and improve treatments for yourself and others.

If you're interested in participating in a clinical trial, the Avallano app is a great way to get started.


You'll have the opportunity to make a difference in the development of new treatments, while also taking control of your health and wellbeing. Join the Avallano community today and help us shape the future of healthcare!

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