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Open Letter from Avallano's CEO: Putting Patients First with AI

Recent conversations with customers have indicated an increased interest in Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT. LLMs, advanced forms of AI developed by companies like OpenAI Google, and Microsoft, can generate human-like text based on provided information, offering superior flexibility and learning capacity compared to traditional machine learning.

The application of LLMs in clinical trials could be transformative, enabling 24/7 patient and staff interactions, personalizing interactions with individuals, and simplifying complex tasks like trial-patient matching, enhancing efficiency and patient retention.

At Avallano, we're keen to adopt this technology, but only with a steadfast commitment to safety and privacy. We've developed a unique platform that combines our privacy patents with LLM AI, ensuring interaction with sensitive data is protected.

We aim to individualize patients' journeys, tailoring interactions and trial matching to personal needs, thereby promoting inclusivity and aiding under-served communities. We’re also using LLM AI to accelerate trial-patient matching, provide predictive insights to streamline trial design, and enhance the overall efficiency of clinical trials.

Emphasizing safety, personalization, inclusivity, and respect for privacy, we envision an AI-enabled future for clinical trials. We’re partnering with researchers, boards of directors, review boards, regulators, and lawyers to both educate the issues and work together for a safe and rapid adoption of these technologies.

Let us know if you’re having similar experiences. We will continue to publish papers and insights as we discover the good and bad with LLM’s, and love working with each of you as we learn together how to better serve clinical trials and patient safety.

Best Regards,

Paul Della Maggiora

CEO, Avallano

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