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Post-Trial Engagement

Navigating the complexities of clinical trials is a journey, not just for sponsors and CROs, but for the patients who are at the heart of every study. The end of a trial should not signify the end of the relationship with these participants. With Avallano, we ensure that engagement continues, enhancing the overall experience for patients and optimizing future trial possibilities for sponsors.

Enhanced Communication & Updates

​Regularly updating patients on trial results, new discoveries, and the broader implications of their participation not only keeps them informed but also instills a sense of belonging and contribution.

Future Opportunities & Community Building

Staying engaged post-trial sets the stage for future collaboration. Alerting patients to new trials or follow-ups they might qualify for can facilitate seamless recruitment in the future. Additionally, by fostering patient communities, they can share experiences, provide feedback, and support each other, building a robust network of informed and engaged participants.

Educational Content & Rewards

Knowledge is empowerment. By sharing relevant health articles, updates, or health management tips, we ensure patients remain at the forefront of their health journey. Additionally, our platform offers incentives for continuous participation, recognizing and rewarding their invaluable contributions.

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