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Avallano Announces the Appointment of Gavin Nichols as Chairman of the Board of Directors




January 5, 2024

Appointment strengthens Avallano’s momentum in transforming life sciences companies through artificial intelligence-powered platform services


Avallano announced today the appointment of Gavin Nichols as the company’s Chairman of the Board of Directors. Nichols, who has been a valuable member of Avallano’s Board of Advisors since April 2022, has played a pivotal role in shaping patient engagement and protocol management strategies alongside the founding team. In his enhanced role, Nichols is poised to propel Avallano's strategic initiatives forward, leveraging his extensive industry relationships and wealth of experiences.


“Avallano continues to redefine the discourse surrounding the modernization of life sciences and research,” stated Nichols. “The convergence of cutting-edge technologies such as generative artificial intelligence and mobile engagement, coupled with our patented privacy and security capabilities, presents a unique opportunity for the life sciences sector. This powerful combination allows for significant efficiencies, transformative capabilities, and the introduction of novel services while ensuring research compliance and patient safety.”


With over 35 years of technology leadership experience, including 25 years in executive roles within life sciences, Nichols brings a wealth of knowledge to his new position. Having served in multiple CEO roles, most recently at Velsera and Calyx, he has successfully guided companies through strategic and innovative go-to-market transformations.


“This is a significant moment in Avallano’s growth, and we’re excited to have Gavin join as our board chairman,” said Paul Della Maggiora, Founder and CEO of Avallano. “His deep industry experience and technology acumen will be instrumental in scaling our efforts to transform life sciences through Avallano’s patient-focused generative AI and privacy platform services.”


About Avallano


Imagine a world where your life sciences data aren't just numbers and figures, but a powerful tool to drive engagement and education. At Avallano, we specialize in transforming your data into actionable insights and harnessing its potential to create impactful patient and community engagement apps. We're not just about data; we're about making research benefits tangible and understandable to patients and communities. Let Avallano help you turn data into action and unlock the true potential of your research network. 

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