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Unlock Clinical Trial Patient Engagement

Efficiently engage with familiar patients, optimize outreach to potential participants, and secure more trials with a prepared pool of candidates with the Avallano Clinical Research Platform.

Run Trials Faster

Redefining outcomes in clinical research through advances in Artificial Intelligence, and giving deeper insights, communication, and compliance at a fraction of the cost of traditional patient care.


Simplify and Accelerate

Avallano revolutionizes clinical trials with tools that simplify protocol analysis and streamline execution. We provide essential guidance for researchers, ensuring smooth and accelerated trial progression.


Scale and Grow

Our site-facing solutions enable seamless scaling of clinical trials. Avallano enhances patient registry creation and management, connecting sponsors and CROs efficiently to drive growth.


Find and Retain

Avallano excels in matching patients to trials and supporting their journey. We focus on education and engagement to retain participants effectively, ensuring successful trial outcomes.


Elevate Your Efficiency

Transform operations with the power of automation! Our cutting-edge solutions not only enhance precision but substantially slash your operational costs. Dive into a future where human expertise is reserved for mission-critical tasks, while we handle the tedious and repetitive ones.


Streamline Clinical Processes

Avallano leverages generative artificial intelligence to transform clinical trial protocols, forms, and processes to ensure simplicity, accuracy, and consistency. Our solutions reduce paperwork, automate patient and clinical requirements, and eliminate duplication of effort, driving efficiency across participants and sites. Through intuitive interfaces and simplified execution, your trials move forward with unmatched speed.

Enhance Research Insights

Our platform combines data science and AI to deliver insightful analytics on patient behaviors, preferences, and demographics. We integrate disparate health records and normalize messy patient data so that you can create, understand and enrich comprehensive participant registries. These insights into patient populations enable sites and sponsors to match the best locations to the right trials, maximizing the potential for quick and successful outcomes.


Optimize Patient Engagement

With the power of AI, Avallano ensures patients are matched accurately with clinical trials that fit their profiles. Our automated systems guide potential participants through the enrollment process smoothly, with minimal hassle. Additionally, our user-friendly mobile application serves as a comprehensive educational and engagement tool, keeping patients informed and involved at every stage of the trial, from pre-enrollment to follow-up, enhancing retention and satisfaction.

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