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supply the tools that decrease recruitment costs for clinical research.

Welcome to the future of clinical trials! Our platform is the answer to the outdated, clunky systems that have been holding back medical advancements for far too long. With our user-friendly apps, privacy-first approach, and cutting-edge technology, we're making it easier than ever to conduct clinical trials that truly make a difference.

We've removed the hassle and complexity of big data, AI, security, regulation, and integration, so you can focus on what really matters: improving patient outcomes. Our use of AI and blockchain technology adds an extra layer of innovation, simplifying patient interactions and ensuring secure data exchanges.

Say goodbye to the old way of doing things and join us in shaping the future of medical knowledge. Let's revolutionize clinical trials together!



The Possibilities Are Endless

At Avallano, we understand the importance of patient privacy and dignity in clinical trials. That's why our patented technology puts patients in control of their data, while still providing access to important resources like training and trial curation. Our unified privacy foundation ensures that patient data remains secure and anonymous, allowing for personalized interactions and messaging before, during, and after trials.

Avallano provides your organization three key components that help increase recruitment and optimize costs: your app, your portal, and your analytics. With our easy-to-build apps, you can engage patients and simplify the recruitment process. Our portal allows you to easily manage recruitment and patient data, while our analytics provide valuable insights to help you optimize your recruitment efforts and engage patients like never before.

Join the many organizations already benefiting from Avallano and let's work together to make clinical trials more accessible, efficient, and effective than ever before.

Your App

Your Portal

Your Analytics


Enable Growth

Join the growing number of companies who have learned that the best way to recruit is not to recruit. Instead, build your own community of patients and offer them something that not only meets your goals, but improves each person's life.

At our core, we believe in empowering change for clinical trial recruitment. That's why we offer a platform that allows you to build and engage your own community of patients. By creating a space that values patient empowerment and education, you can create a lasting relationship that benefits both your organization and the patients you serve.

Say goodbye to costly delays and diminishing returns. Join us in our mission to empower change for clinical trial recruitment and create a brighter future for medical research

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We're always available to chat about how Avallano can help your recruitment efforts for clinical research.

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