Avallano gives individuals complete control over their personal information while enabling organizations to collect the anonymous data they need to achieve their goals.

Our cloud-based Platform-as-a- Service technology combines blockchain with security and encryption to revolutionize personal data sharing.

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We're partnering with Life Aid Research Institute to support their whole health app combining peer support, functional medicine, and community activation geared towards service members, veterans, and first responders.

With Life Aid, service personnel, veterans and first responders can privately and securely share information about their sleep habits, how they’re eating, their general mood, and what their daily routine is like. That information is anonymously analyzed to flag mental health and suicide risks.

When a risk appears, Life Aid shares that risk with trusted members of a person's community so that they can intervene personally or medically. For individuals to share this kind of information, they absolutely must be able to trust that it was being used the right way, by the right people, for the right reasons.

Avallano’s trust-first foundation has Department of Defense-level encryption software, and Life Aid recognized that it could be used to protect shared personal data, ensuring compliance with government regulations but giving individuals the confidence that what they share is safe, secure, and used only by the people they trust.

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Trust is not a commodity. It’s precious, hard-won, and meant to be mutually beneficial.

Trust breeds trust.

The more we trust others, the more we choose to share with them. The deeper the trust, the stronger the bond.



The Avallano Platform As A Service is the only technology in existence that delivers:

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The individual is in absolute control of their personally identifiable information. They choose who has access to this data and can revoke it at any time.


Personally identifiable information lives on the individual’s mobile phone, not on an organization’s server.


Depersonalized data contains the demographics of the individual at the time they share their data. Researchers have a rich profile of each individual that can be reliably used as they need it.


“Developing a vaccine that is not used in a fraction of the population is the same as having no vaccine. It is absolutely useless.”

Dr. Moncef Slaoui, Head of U.S. Operation Warp Speed program for COVID Vaccines. Speaking in a town hall on how increased trial participation could help address distrust between communities of color and the medical industry after a history of  underrepresentation in pharmaceutical research and medical experimentation without consent.

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Help us transform the world into a much safer place in which to communicate and connect - where we trust each other enough to share what's needed to fuel progress and change lives.

The personalized data organizations and service providers need.

The anonymity individuals demand.

The change that revolutionizes our connected world.