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Unlock Clinical Trial Patient Engagement

Efficiently engage with familiar patients, optimize outreach to potential participants, and secure more trials with a prepared pool of candidates with the Avallano Clinical Research Platform.

AI-Enabled Clinical Research

Redefining outcomes in clinical research through advances in Artificial Intelligence, and giving deeper insights, communication, and compliance at a fraction of the cost of traditional patient care.


Comprehensive & Tailored Data Collection

Harness the power of modular real-world data collection tools, combining direct patient feedback with diverse medical big data sources. Our selective data unification integrates EHR, genomics, real-world data, and more, ensuring comprehensive insights for every research or trial need.


Advanced AI-Powered Insights & Communications

Empower your research with generative AI-driven insights, feasibility analyses, and real-time communication. Dive deep into structured and unstructured data, engage in enriching conversations with our AI chat modules, and even "chat with documents" to unearth crucial insights from patient information and trial protocols.


Seamless Integration & Unparalleled Security

Prioritize safety and ease-of-use with military-grade data protection, patient-driven privacy control, and customizable modules. Integrate effortlessly with your current systems, adopting only the features you need, ensuring rapid onboarding, optimized costs, and peace of mind for your data.


Elevate Your Efficiency

Transform operations with the power of automation! Our cutting-edge solutions not only enhance precision but substantially slash your operational costs. Dive into a future where human expertise is reserved for mission-critical tasks, while we handle the tedious and repetitive ones.


Efficient Clinical Trials and Recruitment

From gathering precise real-world data with consumer-grade apps to safely leveraging AI's predictive powers, we streamline trial processes. Targeted outreach, combined with our unified data approach, drastically reduces recruitment time, ensuring you find the perfect match for your trials. Add to this an unwavering commitment to data security, and you have a formula that inspires patient trust and retention.

Enhancing Post-Trial Patient Engagement

Staying connected post-trial is pivotal. Our platform curates an enriching post-trial experience, ensuring patients feel valued and engaged. Personalized feedback, user-friendly interfaces, and continuous AI chat support ensure patients are always in the loop. Plus, with privacy controls, health trend insights, community building, and incentives, we foster long-term relationships, making patients active stakeholders in the larger medical discovery process.


Seamless Medical Record Interaction

Navigate your medical records with ease through our innovative Medical Record Chat. With its intuitive interface, patients can effortlessly request lab results, get summaries of past visits, or seek clarifications on medications. What sets it apart is its smart response mechanism—instead of mere data, you receive contextual, easy-to-grasp information. All this, while ensuring your sensitive health data remains securely encrypted.

Simplified Protocol Document Access

The Protocol Document Chat is your shortcut to swiftly accessing, understanding, and cross-referencing protocol documents. Dive straight into specific sections or get clarifications on complex terms—all in simple language. Whether it's recent updates, cross-referencing capabilities, or interactive Q&As, this tool streamlines protocol document navigation for sponsors and investigators alike, making complexity a thing of the past.

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We're always available to chat about how Avallano can help your recruitment efforts for clinical research.

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